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School and college campuses are dynamic environments that require a collaborative mindset and sensitivity to the needs of their specific populations. The high-energy activities of children and concern for their safety are central to the design of outdoor spaces at primary and elementary schools. College campuses are places of connection, contemplation, and have symbolic and iconic significance in the memories of alumni. These landscapes should be beautiful but low maintenance, functional yet secure, and, most importantly, encourage the love of learning and discovery.

With high traffic and large acreages, communication and collaboration is key to the success of designing and creating these types of environments. Accordingly, my work designing for schools and campuses has focused on planning, usage, and long-term maintenance. At the University of Washington, for example, I conducted post-occupancy surveys and worked with maintenance crews to understand the ongoing issues across several landscapes, and developed detailed plans for remediation and improvement. This work informed new designs and provided critical information for the campus masterplan.

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