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I work closely with clients to craft a vision for their yard that complements the existing architecture, addresses critical problems, and enhances site features. My focus is to create beautiful and sustainable landscapes that invite residents to enjoy their property year round. The first step in this process is to create a masterplan. This document assesses any current issues and then maps out a unifying perspective to guide decisions going forward. With the big picture defined, the details can be honed. This means identifying the right materials, styles, textures, and colors to create a cohesive, vitalizing experience.

My personal goal is to help transform residential yards into healthy, low-maintenance, and stress-free environments. I use native plants and planting patterns to increase food and habitat for pollinators, which in turn yields vibrant and lush greenscapes for residents to enjoy. I also aim to address any water issues on site, and I utilize natural stormwater practices like rain gardens whenever possible.

The execution of this vision and implementation of the design requires care and supervision. I work with clients from the beginning to determine the right schedule and budget, and then to identify the right contractors for the job. I am committed to seeing the project through to completion and celebrating the landscape that we’ve created together.

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